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Baby Sunbird Soars High, Tastes Nectar Who analyses life experiences?

Baby Sunbird Soars High, Tastes Nectar
Who analyses life experiences?

Olive-backed Sunbird

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An unexpected delivery of a baby Sunbird
by a young, innocent child, at our doorstep
kept us busy in childcare for two days
constant checking, feeding honey, taking photos.

On the third day took it out in the garden
kept the cardboard box near the bird feeders
waited for some bird to notice the baby
trying to attract their attention with its chirping.

Hey! the mother is here!!
Both are excited and we are thrilled
Relaxed and felt relieved thinking
now it is the mother's responsibility

The baby tried to follow the mother
made little attempts at flying
Mother collected honey from flower
fed the baby lovingly, but flew off

Olive-backed Sunbird

Maybe it was one way to teach flying
We sat there watching the tiny baby efforts
to follow the mother who repeatedly
came with morsels of food and disappeared.

Feeling confident that the baby is in mother's care
came inside the house for a few minutes
Finished a few chores and returned to the garden
to check on the baby Sunbird's progress.

Oh no! Baby is covered with huge red ants!!
As shocked as the baby bird, yelled out for help
sprinkled turmeric and cinnamon powder
tried to remove the ants with fingers and tweezers.

Brought back the bird inside the house
fed honey, tried to comfort, kept watching it
remembering our own ordeal with the carpenter ants
every time we go to the garden to feed birds.

The final stages were emotionally draining
for the bird as well as us, mourning started
before the final gasping of breath stopped
tears of pain continue to this day!

What a terrible death for such a tiny baby!
Why did it have to be delivered to us?
What could we have done to protect it?
Why did the mother not save her baby?

Why did some super power who is benevolent
not save the baby and us from this experience?
One day we might merge with the super power
but do we want to be as cruel as this?

The watcher, the thinker and the all time player
are at work, day and night, analysing this.
The domination of one over the other
changes the conclusion moment by moment.

The player is shedding tears of blood
its pleasure of taking care of the bird
recording videos and photos to share with others
snatched in a jiffy by a super power! How could he!!

The thinker compares data related to Karma
maybe this bird ate the ants in an earlier birth
and is now paying its dues, surrendering its body
Well, no one can escape the fixed time of death.

The watcher observes the pain and the pleasure
as well as the confusions of the human mind.
It carefully notes the what, why and how of things
from all stakeholders' point of view, objectively.

The baby's suffering has shaken us to the core.
Waking up from the deep slumber of mere existence
we have been forced to evaluate our experiences 
with the limited vision at our disposal.

Just as a person shedding Corona infected clothes
to put on a new dress that is made to last longer
sanitized to prevent future contamination
the baby bird must be better off with a better body.

When doctors appear cruel and have to face attacks 
from patients, unable to see their own benefit in the treatment
how can the super power escape the wrath 
of this infected world of careless creatures?

The analysis is still on, conclusions not final yet
wisdom may shed more light as we mature.
But undoubtedly analysing self, questioning beliefs 
and seeking true answers is the need of the hour.

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