Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Cuckoo Pair

Observed: Birds never settle down unless they have ensured that their escape route is tested and tried.

Learnt: I should not settle down in this world unless I try, test and ensure my escape route.

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Baby Cuckoo

Baby Cuckoo Without A Manual

Woke up at dawn
to find a very small baby cuckoo
settled on a sand filled tub
staying still except for
the tiny breathing movement
indicating life in a strange world
Can't fly and no YouTube video to help
hungry and thirsty but no manual on food intake
scared equally of me the troublesome saviour
and the devil of a cat ready to pounce
No handout on the do's and don'ts of
behaviour with strangers and samaritans
Who is taking care of this tiny creature?
Which internal power is sustaining it?
Can I believe in such a power wholeheartedly?
Or will I keep asking for proof till I learn the lesson

after all my external support system is withdrawn?

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